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Tips on how to update Ford VCM 2 scanner firmware?

I purchased a clone VCM from China  obd2 scanner days back. But when the Ford VCM is related along with the car and laptop, the led light-weight is on. But after 4-5 minutes, all lights are off, and no link while using the notebook, then connect the car or truck as well as the usb cable, mild is on once more. he IDS remains a necessity for somebody who does lots of Ford’s. OBD2 below present totally free Ford VCM II V96 IDS software package and V81 calibration file free download.

How to update Ford VCM 2 scanner firmware?
1) Press the facility button on VCM2 scan instrument major unit
2) Long-press about the energy button, connect VCM2 with electricity source, wait around for all 4 indicators activate, then release the button. Then connect VCM2 with laptop through USB cable
three) Operate IDS software program, software package will prompt to update firmware. Hold out the update treatment is finished.
4. Restart computer when firmware update is done. Connect VCM2 package with vehicle to start diagnosing or programming features.

The exact same functions, a similar use, china clone ford vcm II is much more eye-catching and affordable cost in comparison to the authentic one particular. Some folks are perfectly getting clone from China since it aslo will work nicely, Countless men and women might be employing it on their own personal automobiles.

VXDIAG VCX NANO for Ford/Mazda 2 in one V97.01 most recent version program launch!!!A person unit assist equally Ford and Mazda until 2015 12 months.Most up-to-date software: Ford V97,Mazda V96. In case you have Ford IDS V96,you can use the V96 version.Down load the V97 software to use.Our tech engineer advise greater to make use of V96 software.

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